• Shalini Langer
    Shalini Langer
    Indian Express


    With a very confused idea about who is a ‘Loser’ or what it means to be one, and a very fixed, ‘3 Idiots’, template on making a crowd-pleasing college-life film, director/co-writer Nitesh Tiwari follows up on his super-successful Dangal with a disappointingly average Chhichhore.

  • Chhichhore is a one-time watch and is for those who are are still hung up on their college life. But it is no 3 Idiots. You might want to call your college buddies after the film.

  • The writing of Chhichhore is so lacking in depth, and the direction so passionless, it is hard to believe it has been brought to us by the same person who made Dangal. Despite its sporadic bursts of humour, Chhichhore comes across as a half-hearted enterprise.