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    The one-liners keep coming so that even when the film tests your patience – and let me assure you that it does – you keep rooting for these people to succeed

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    A must-watch with your college friends, Chhichhore is relatable and relevant. Watch it for its uncomplicated screenplay, gripping narrative and some stellar performances that leave you in stitches.

  • A Delightful Film To Go & Watch With Old Best Friends…Chhichhore takes you down the memory lane and lets you relive that unforgettable but lost time for a while.

  • The tropes of campus films abound, yet the humour in Chhichhore is so organic and the characters so particular, you feel like a member of the crowd hoping Hostel 4’s strategy makes them champions. It’s almost enough to make you overlook the present day prosthetics and script conveniences that lean heavily on the kind of Bollywood melodrama one is not nostalgic about.

  • However, antagonist or protagonist, the film isn’t a hero’s tale. It stays true to its message: it’s a film about losers telling you you just shouldn’t care if you’re a loser because it all turns out okay in the end. And all the losers sitting in the audience will know humiliation and rejection because Tiwari tells the tale masterfully. There’s enough truth about life and success and failure in the film to help you sail through (with maybe some clenched teeth) the holes in the film.

  • What works best for the nostalgia-flecked Chhichhore is its warm and non-judgemental evocation of the wonder years. The earnest Anni arrives at a college modelled on the Indian Institute of Technology and learns that he has been assigned to Hostel Number 4. This is where the “losers” are dumped. Although Anni initially attempts to move out, he soon succumbs to its charms.