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Cigarette Ki Tarah

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A young and handsome guy falls in love blindly with a young beautiful girl.This blind love leads him into deep trouble, and further separates him from other people like one man versus the entire world. In these dark situations, where one surely gives up on everything, he doesn’t, and thus keeps on believing and trusting on his blind love, which eventually shows him all the ways to be out from all the difficulties.Wikipedia

Cigarette Ki Tarah Reviews

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


Cigarette Ki Tarah is unintentionally funny and fascinating for everything defies logic. Why would a sane woman fall for a guy who loves to stare at girls' breasts blatantly!


There should have been statutory warning at the start of this film, just like they have on cigarette packets and which is now mandatory before the screening of every film in a theatre.

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