• Predictability is another big problem for this film that never throws any surprises at any point. Nithin’s presence and the short runtime are the only plusses in this otherwise boring movie that doesn’t take itself seriously. A huge disappointment for the audience who go with expectations looking at the names like Gautham Menon associated with it. You can wait for the Courier to be delivered at your home rather than running to the theaters.
    Verdict: A Badly Packaged Product.

  • Plus points are Nithin, basic plot and a couple of thrilling episodes in the second half. The romance thread in the film offers no freshness. Though the length is 104 minutes, there is still a need to edit songs and a few irrelevant comedy episodes. The screenplay should have been more arresting. On a whole, Courier Boy Kalyan is an attempt to blend in family elements and romance to an interesting thriller story.

  • When you try to induce unnecessary commercial elements in a very interesting and engaging concept, the result is Courier Boy Kalyan. The film which could been a decent thriller is seriously obstructed with the arrival of songs and a hurried up climax. But a breezy first half, and some engaging thrills salvage the film which ends up as just an ok watch.

  • Nithiin looks the part of a helpless guy caught in a tangle and shows his mettle as an actor. The background score and cinematography are good too. But the film itself could have been so much better had it stayed true to the plot and genre. Bottomline: A story that doesn’t live up to its premise.

  • Venkat
    Great Andhra


    While director Premsai did have a story that had a lot of potential, he fails to use it to the optimum extent and ends up giving the audience a rather flavourless film. Bottomline: Boring affair.