• All in all, watch the film for its emotional content, good and earnest scenes and superb performances from the lead actors.

  • Watchable for its lighter moments and emotional sequences.

    Bottom-line: Many Aaha Moments

  • “Brahmotsavam” tests the patience with its idiotic scenes, directionless screenplay, and snail-paced romantic thread. If not for Mahesh Babu’s presence, the film collapses completely.

  • Allu Arjun and Boyapati have come up with an out and out mass movie that has no great scenes.

    Bottom-line: Too Loud

  • The movie is filled with many emotional moments all the while keeping humor intact. This is the director’s movie. And Karthi’s show all the way. Despite length, “Oopiri” is one of the best made heart-touching movies in Tollywood. It is seeped with classiness. 

  • “Krishnashtami” is full of clichés and boredom. Totally a head-ache movie.

  • There are some twists in the second half, but by that time we disconnect with the happenings on screen. Added to it, the music and the chemistry between Aadi and Adah don’t excite.

    All in all, “Garam” is an outdated movie from Madan and Aadi.

  • Unlike “Sudigaadu” Bhimaneni has not come up with perfect remake and unlike “Alludu Seenu” Bellamkonda has come up with a story that is too heavy for him. 

  • Nannaku Prematho is mixed bag – with some stunning moments, breezy romance, and intelligent screenplay and yet it burdens the mind with some unnecessary scenes, lengthy second half. 

    Bottomline: Too Classy and too brainy!

  • Director Sri Wass and writers have failed Balakrishna. All in all, “Dictator” is a mess. Except for Balakrishna and Anjali’s presence, the movie doesn’t have anything to talk about. 

    Bottom-line: Old Wine In Old Bottle!

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