• Sarit Ray
    Sarit Ray
    Hindustan Times


    Young Johnson has shades of a young Rocky, pestering him the way he’d once pestered Mickey (late Burgess Meredith) to train him. He asks about the outcome of his third fight with Apollo (which Rocky III ends with). The overall story, too, fits the underdog-versus-champion template.

  • Every once in a while, there comes along a sports drama film that challenges odds and defies expectations – much like the hero of this film, Apollo Creed’s son. While Stallone has not written this film, Ryan Coogler makes deft work with this subtle, moving and nuanced tale of interpersonal relationships.

  • Creed delivers a complete knockout blow and is a deserving descendant of the Rocky series.This Donny & Rocky tale is a sure shot crowd-pleaser.

  • All in all, Creed is a fan film, a movie made by someone who loved the original Rocky movies and thought he could breathe new life into them

    And Coogler has done exactly that. Despite the cliches.