• Hemanth Kumar
    Hemanth Kumar
    Times Of India


    Current Teega is a light hearted entertainer and it is meant to be treated and watched just like that.

  • IndiaGlitz
    India Glitz


    With a story line that is wafer-thin and a genre with inherent limitations, ‘Current Teega’ is not current.

  • Veena N
    Veena N


    …a mixture of romance, comedy, fun and entertainment and a must-watch for this weekend for its killer comedy dialogues, rich costumes and sets.

  • The major letdown in remake comes mainly from the script work and the direction. The script with more tongue-tied anxiety than sense, fails to capture the nature of the original and G Nageswara Reddy spineless guiding comes across as more concerned with perceived commercial viability rather than pure story-telling craft.

  • Venkat
    Great Andhra


    Like most films these days, Current Theega also has a message for young lovers as a part of the story. Barring a few scenes here and there, which could have been chopped off at the editing table, Current Theega remains true to the original story.

  • …starts on a promising note with some well designed entertainment during the first half. The tempo dips slightly in the second half but is made up during the climax. Manoj’s electrifying performance, Sunny Leone and Rakul Preet’s glamor and some comedy elements makes this film a decent time pass entertainer.

  • Current Theega is a colorful village entertainer that has something for everybody. You may watch it!