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Danny Collins

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Inspired by a true story, Al Pacino stars as aging 1970s rocker Danny Collins, who can't give up his hard-living ways. But when his manager (Christopher Plummer) uncovers a 40 year-old undelivered letter written to him by John Lennon, he decides to change course and embarks on a heartfelt journey to rediscover his family, find true love and begin a second act.Wikipedia

Danny Collins Reviews

Shalini Langer
Indian Express


Danny Collins reveals itself right at the beginning — “Kind of based on a true story a little bit.”They had to try, so hard. And sound like it, so hard.For when the John Lennon (the emphasis theirs) is the fulcrum — or more precisely an actual letter written by him — you can’t be flippant about anything while still making a film about an ageing rock star who has lived flippantly.


In undoubtedly his best performance in years, Al Pacino has taken this story - inspired by the true tale of folk singer Steve Tilston who received a letter from Lennon that wasn't delivered for decades - and elevated it to a whole different level altogether.

Note that this is no Birdman or a gritty diatribe on the fine line between morality and riches, it's an out and out commercial film rendered with all the commercial trappings of the genre. There are plenty of laughs along the way, mostly thanks to Al Pacino's gregarious performance. The dramatic stuff is also present and handled quite subtly. The supporting cast is terrific, with Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, Christopher Plummer and Bobby Canavale as the son. They all have little details that make them fairly likable.

Ronita Torcato
The Free Press Journal


Pacino plays the part with ease, warts and all in a feel good heartwarming story which captures the hedonistic, dissolute lifestyle of the rich and infamous.The talented cast of supporting actors hold their own in the presence of titan Pacino.

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