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Fuddu is about the emotional turmoil faced by a boy who has just arrived from Banaras to Mumbai city and is disturbed to see how so many people live in cramped houses. His entire world tilts upside down when his wife leaves him for reasons which are untrue and his family too disowns him.Wikipedia

Fuddu Reviews

Fuddu may not be a great film but it’s better than all those Bollywood movies which make oodles of money but have no story.


The only time Fuddu engages it’s audience is when it critiques the city of Mumbai and its cramped homes. That social relevance of the film makes an impact for a few minutes, but the rest of the 2-odd hours of this feature film are devoted to 15 pedantic days in the life of a young newly we’d couple who just can’t get any action. The ennui of the subject and the film leaves the audience with a major downer too.

Manisha Lakhe


A young man comes to Bombay with dreams and even though he manages to find himself a job, and gets married, he is unhappy. Living in a room with his two brothers and their wives and kids, he is unable to make love to his wife, who ups and leaves him. Is he the 'fuddu' people label him o will his parrot fly out of the cage? You come away wanting to shower after watching this... This swamp thing.

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