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Gethu is a movie about how a father-son duo gets trapped in a situation and how they get out of it.Wikipedia

Gethu Reviews

Director Thirukumaran’s Gethu fails to live up to its interesting premise; the film is all show and no substance.


As far as the story goes, it is not gripping enough to be termed a crime thriller. There are not too many twists and the storyline is weak. It doesn't seem plausible that the protagonist, a librarian, is otherwise like a ninja! Music director Harris Jayaraj has scored the music for the film but the songs are all forgettable. Luckily, the BGM is better.

Raisa Nasreen


The stunning visuals, and interesting premise make Gethu an engaging watch. The film also boasts of some good performances. Go watch it this Pongal.

Gethu’s biggest strength is Sukumar’s glossy visuals, which has given international feel to the film. Harris’ songs are hummable and catchy. Overall, Gethu is an average film from Thirukumaran, which seriously tests your patience!

But Gethu is definitely a welcome relief for those of us who wondered how long Udhayanidhi would go on with comedies that relied not so much on him, but the comedian, usually played by Santhanam. Though Karunakaran plays that role here, he’s more a character artiste than a comedian — another welcome relief.

Toting it up, Gethu could have worked better, if the writing was stronger. The director’s lofty ambitions in narrating a thriller are palpable, but it falls short of want of more interesting elements.

Gethu tries to project itself as a cool and stylish action thriller. It ends up as a delicious looking meal that actually tastes bland.

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