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Global Baba is a film based on spiritual babas of India. India can arguably be named the land of the babas, with thousands of devotees blindly surrendering themselves to godmen. The idea behind Global Baba is to expose such babas is in the offing. Wikipedia

Global Baba Reviews

Rohit Bhatnagar
Deccan Chronicle


If you are religious and want to know its hidden harsh realities, then go watch ‘Global Baba’ this weekend. But if you are expecting a fancy film like ‘PK’ or ‘Oh My God’, then it may disappoint you. Though the film doesn’t have ‘stars’, but the performances by the actors in the film will blow you away.

Mohar Basu
Times Of India


Global Baba is subversive but doesn't have an inventive streak. It points out problems without delving deeper or providing a solution. This one is just old wine in an old bottle!

The film with its tongue firmly in its cheek content, gives a timely, strong message of how blind faith and mob mentality can be easily manipulated by anybody in this country. No business like god business, says Dhamroo in a matter-of-fact manner. Even though this business will continue thriving in this country, kudos to Tiwari for saying it as it is through this film.

Manisha Lakhe


This is not Oh My God, neither is it PK, but this is a clever little gem that may slip through the cracks simply because the film does not have A-listers. Global Baba is a clever satire, written well but it fails to deliver the punch against fake godmen that Oh My God did. Even though directed well, the story feels like it is looping without moving an inch. But the heart is in the right place.


The nexus between politics and religion is one of the great manipulative enterprises of 21st century India, and to take the stand that Global Baba does on godmen and religious organisations in general is commendable. But a stand is all this is. As they say, there's many a slip between an idea and a script.

Namrata Joshi
The Hindu


Despite the shrillness and breathlessness of action it deals with a significant issue in all seriousness. A film that might be loud but does talk sense.


The clarity with which director Manoj Tiwari approaches his subject isn’t always reflected in the overly busy plotting and the choppy narrative. Yet, the filmmaker makes his points adequately. People are willing to be herded like sheep. Politicians use trickster godmen for electoral gains. And all it takes to be a successful holy man is a wardrobe full of saffron and a talent for manipulation. Blind faith and cynicism take care of the rest.

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