• Granted there are a few good instances — one fantasy-like sequence is actually quite hilarious — and a few good lines. It really looks like the actors had a good time making the film. Unfortunately, barring a few stunted chuckles, there’s very little the audience can benefit from their off-screen camaraderie.

  • While the first Horrible Bosses tried to tap into the widely held fantasy of killing the overloads of the office, its sequel mines the farce in being your own boss. The entrepreneurial efforts of the film’s ever-yammering trio, of course, fail, and the film descends into a thinly sketched kidnapping plot that serves mainly to space its celebrity cameos.

  • The jokes in the film are largely hit-or-miss. The humour is definitely of the polarising (racial jokes, etc.) variety – you’ll either find it highly amusing or in bad taste. Aniston seems like an unlikely choice for the role of a determinedly oversexed dentist dealing with sex addiction, but she adds her own brand of charm to it. All in all, a decent collection of laughs.

  • Horrible Bosses was packed with misogyny, a large helping of perversion and a big dose of mean spirited nonsense passing off as risque comedy. In short, it was the quintessential fratboy comedy made by and for dudes. It made a boatload of money, so a sequel was inevitable. Fast forward to two years, and we have it, and it is exactly what you expect it to be — Horrible Bosses 2 is mostly a horrible movie.

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    With overall good production values, cinematography and action, which includes an unexpected car chase, “Horrible Bosses 2″, with a potential for a truly dark comedy is, in turn just an ordinarily, good-natured comedy sans the bosses. It clearly lacks the zing.

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    A must-watch for people who enjoy crass and situational humor. Horrible Bosses 2 is a slapstick comedy that will make you laugh till you drop. The film is complete entertainment package with a stupendous cast, rib-tickling dialogues and an engaging climax. So this weekend, go on a hilarious caper with the comical trio Nick-Kurt-Dale.