• In the end, this is an irresponsible, amateurishly made film that could have been so much better. I’m going with one-and-a-half out of five for director Sagar Bellary’s ‘Kaccha Limboo’. Feel free to miss this one completely!

  • Decades after The 400 Blows wowed cineastes, Truffaut reflected, “Cinema is not a sad imitation of life. It’s an improvement on life.” What Sagar Ballary failed in, is making Kaccha Limboo into a film that could improve his material sourced from life. Perhaps, his own.

  • Kaccha Limboo could have broken new ground but its insights are few and far between. See it if you must.

  • On the whole, Kaccha Limboo is good but only in parts. It loses track midway after which it is just not able to come back on track. At the box-office, it will not be able to make any mark whatsoever.

  • Taran Adarsh
    Taran Adarsh
    Bollywood Hungama


    On the whole, KACCHA LIMBOO comes across as an unripe and undeveloped effort. Disappointing!