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    Kanche is an exciting and challenging project on paper but falls short due to poor execution. The gripping script needed for a War backdrop film is missing and so it the usual emotional depth in Krish films. We definitely need to appreciate the attempt but Kanche is Krish’s weakest film till date.

  • Kanche is another film where the plot is challenging and paper work is good but falls short in execution. Acting in most parts is acceptable but the film never tries to captivate its audience through its narration. The story progresses on predictable lines and things become boring, after a while. In short, it can be safely said that Kanche is Krish’s weakest work so far in his career (Only after his Bollywood film Gabbar). But it’s quite normal that you tend to forget the flaws and appreciate the best things about Kanche, due to its underlying honesty. It may not be there among the best, but the hard work that has gone into its making needs a dab.