• Pranita Jonnalagedda
    Pranita Jonnalagedda
    Times Of India


    Kanche is a daring attempt for mainstream Tollywood cinema. While there’s an interesting story which is told really well, you will be left with the lingering feeling that it could have been a lot better.

  • IndiaGlitz
    India Glitz


    A soul-stirring film that pushes the envelope. Class stuff with high technical values. Sai Madhav Burra and Sirivennela complement Krish’s narration of a mind-numbing Nazi pursuit and the ‘kanche’ in an Indian village.

  • Reiterating the point that Krish has taken Tollywood a step higher with his meaningful films, his Kanche is another movie from him that touches the lives and makes us wonder if we have really grown as a society from the past 70 years.

  • Venkat
    Great Andhra


    All in all, Krish has once again come up with a different movie with novel storyline. It appeals the film lovers and class audiences only.

  • Even though there is no commercial angle in the film, Kanche must be truly appreciated for its hard work. It is really a different attempt from Krish. He should be appreciated for making such a film in the times where only commercial films attain success at the box-office. However, Varun Tej’s matured performance, stunning visuals, realistic war sequences and a bit of Pragya Jaiswal glamour make the film a watchable one.

  • Tollywood has become an industry which is no longer associated with only commercial entertainers. Films like Baahubali, Rudrama Devi and now Kanche, have pushed the boundaries beyond everyone’s expectations. Krish should be truly appreciated for attempting a film which takes Telugu films to another level. A realistic back drop, gripping visuals and stunning performance by Varun Tej are major assets. Barring the slow narration, Kanche is a film which is devoid of masala entertainment and should be given a shot for its daring and different attempt.

  • First half of the film is nice with a good narration and an interesting screenplay. We expect the proceedings in second half to intensify as the climax progresses. The latter part of second half appears hurried up and is devoid of emotion. Director Krish should be appreciated for a brave attempt and for narrating a love story with WWII backdrop. On whole, Kanche is brave film with good technical values.

  • Kanche is a well-made social-war film packed with some of the best dialogues you could get. However, its presentation could have been better.

  • A Good Attempt But Fails To Push The Boundaries…

  • Kanche is a period love saga with a quite different backdrop. Novel storyline, rich making values, some good dialogues are its assets, but slow pace and excessive war drama tests the patience. Suitable only for discerning audiences.