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Love You To Death

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Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


Madcap characters in SoBo (South Bombay), Doing Whacky Things, Speaking Hinglish. The formula has been around, but it's always up for some re-jigging. Award-winning documentary filmmaker Rafeeq Ellias's debut feature gives us an heiress with her doggie, her non-performing asset of a husband with his murderous mommy, his singing sexpert with his quartet. Also, a tarot-card reader with her Elvis-lovin' lover, a theatre-director who doubles up as a dispenser of 'suparis’, a muscle-bound jock with a thing for the environment, and a Russian-Israeli hood who goes about saying Mamma Mia.

Rohit Vats


'Love You to Death' or 'LYTD' is another small budget film which has been made with good production values. The storyteller has given a lot of thrust on the climax and thus the audience feels a bit detached during the initial scenes. However the rising tempo of the story keeps one glued to the chair till the penultimate scene. The ultimate sequence gives a very subtle message but till then the film becomes dark and the spectator starts to identify with the characters.

Gaurav Malani
Times Of India


Love you to Death is supposedly a comedy film. And it makes you laugh too. But most of the times for the wrong reasons (anglicized accents, ludicrous scenes, ham acts). And even they are far and few between. The story keeps beating around the bush and by the time the narrative actually comes to point, the film bores you to death.

A guy (Chandan Roy Sanyal) and his mother (Suhasini Mulay) plot to kill his wife (Yuki Ellias) who controls the purse strings at home. What happens next? Find out in the review of Love You To Death.

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