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Mad About Dance

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Essentially a dance film, it focuses on the youth, their dreams, anxieties, disappointments and hopes for their future. The film is based in the quaint and beautiful university town of Sheffield and brings to light the stories of Asian students who leave their home and country and go to study abroad...Their struggles, their heartbreaks, their trials and triumphs.

Mad About Dance Reviews

...if you love dancing and have an ear for British-Punjabi music, watch this movie solely for the extended dance-off towards the end when Dr Zeus makes an appearance too.

Madhureeta Mukherjee
Times Of India


'MAD' puts its best foot forward at the end, hold your breath for the last dance. Overall, it's a film for dance lovers. Even if it leaves the heart dancing for more.


...isn’t half as mesmeric as a dance film should be. Though Saahil Prem seems earnest in his attempt, his film lacks both energy and soul. Failing to ‘Step Up’ its standard, there is absolutely nothing in the film which should draw you to the halls.

...is all about amateur acting with mediocre dancing and loud music adding on to the film's woes. No harm in giving it a skip!

If you are looking for novelty, this is not the place to be. We are all more than familiar with the stories of the hero/heroine striving to win a dance/singing/cricket/hockey/etc championship on a world platform and finally managing to show them the Indian mettle in nail biting climax. But MAD has its charm. It has delightful, lovable characters and it has a sincerity about it that is unmissable.

India Glitz


So as far as dance genre pics go, this one is far short of moves to make the grade!



Helmed by Saahil Prem ‘Mad About Dance’ is a new bottle with an old cap, as we are familiar with stories of the protagonists striving to win a championship on global platform and managing to win.

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