• Suresh Kavirayani
    Suresh Kavirayani
    Deccan Chronicle


    The songs are misplaced and come at the wrong time. Finally, it’s not a regular commercial film, a typical Srikanth Addala kind of film, without the double meaning dialogues and vulgarity.

  • Srikanth Addala who has delivered films with natural moments and undercurrent drama has upped the action quotient to deliver Mukunda. Mukunda is a film that deals with municipality politics and has a strange conflict point of hero upsetting villain for the sake of a friend. Plus points of the film are characterizations, dialogues, cinematography and actors (Rao Ramesh and Varun Tej). The flipside, screenplay and lack of direct conflict for hero/villain and passive romance thread dilutes the impact. We have to wait and see how ordinary moviegoer embrace the movie.