• Mukunda has its moments in its initial scenes, but gets very boring post-intermission. The drama between the leads never builds up, nor does the story agrees to step ahead, resulting in a below average film, thanks to few songs! Watch it, if you really have to.

  • Venkat
    Great Andhra


    Srikanth Addala uses an old story and tries to tell it his way. Well, he does succeed to a certain extent and falters to a certain extent.

  • Srikanth Addala’s strength lies in handling love track and family drama. In ‘Mukunda’, He tried to include heroism elevation scenes which were against his usual style. Poor writing and Not so impressive direction plays the spoilsport though. The fact that Hero-Heroine hardly talk to each other throughout the movie makes things worse. Some how, Srikanth ended up going off the track this time.

  • Mukunda is a very serious drama with lots and lots of action, which seems pointless after some time. There is not a single scene where the protagonist is put to test. Director should have at least concentrated more on the hero, villain tussle when he is not so interested about any other emotions or interactions in this film. To sum it up, Mukunda marks a decent debut for Varun Tej, but fails as a movie. You may watch it for Rao Ramesh’s career defining performance and Mayer’s soundtrack.