• Raisa Nasreen
    Raisa Nasreen


    If you’re looking to have a good time at the cinema, then this movie is perfect for you. Also, if you are a fan of Santhanam, Udhayanidhi and Nayantara, then this movie is sure to entertain you.

  • Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life


    Nanbenda is a light-hearted comedy that provides you laughs. This is a good summer treat because it’s not a heavy subject and doesn’t bore you. Santhanam keeps the laughs going and the film has something for everyone – comedy, romance and little bit of action. The whistles and claps for Santhanam, Udhay and Nayanthara in the theatre prove that it’s definitely worth a watch!

  • Also, in such a film where there’s no question of a dark ending, what’s the point of a lengthy will-he-wont-he sequence towards the end? He will; of course, he will. In these films, he always does. Give me the darned jokes I paid money for. That’s the main problem with Nanbenda — they never come.

  • It is bewildering how movies like Nannbenda get the nods of so many experienced stars before going on the floors. With such a wafer-thin storyline & inconsistent characterization, the film is a total let-down.