• In my opinion Jack Sparrow shouldn’t have returned as this was an insult to his legend. After watching the film, my reaction was similar to that of Henry Turner, when he sees Sparrow for the first time – disappointed. Watch the film solely for the majestic Javier Bardem and his performance as the undead Captain Salazar. In fact it won’t be wrong to call the ‘lifeless’ Captain Salazar, as the ‘life’ of the film. I give it a generous 2.5 stars, half extra for Bardem and that well executed, resounding climax.

  • Make no mistake, the film delivers as far as entertainment is concerned. Is it funnier than the first part? Yes. Is it better than the first? NO. The film double downs on everything, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, in its favour. Watch the film for its charismatic cast, for the visual master piece that it is and for the non-stop humour it provides. The film is one down from its predecessor but still provides with loads of fun and entertainment.

  • The film has its fair share of drawbacks and rides mostly on the performances of its lead cast especially Raveena Tandon and Madhur Mittal’s. Despite being a bumpy ride, film somehow sails through as it gives the culprits involved the poetic justice and you as a viewer and part of Vidya
    s journey, a satisfaction. Watch it for its performances and the story.

  • Noor has its flaws, and it certainly isn’t this year’s Queen, if you really want to get into comparison mode. But Noor still manages to endear to you with its light-hearted, fresh treatment and Sonakshi Sinha’s winning performance, if you don’t attach too many expectations.

  • If you are a fan of the franchise, you are in for a treat. The movie is not better than the Furious 7 but still comes among the better ones of the franchise. If you are a sucker of mindless action flick, it will entertain. Watch it for over the top action scenes, Dwayne Johnson’s charisma and Tyrese Gibson’s scene stealer act. Despite its flaws, it is the most fun you are gonna have in theatre in recent times. The film can be best described as an entertaining mess!

  • Kong: Skull Island is perfect for viewers who love mindless creature flicks where people get killed a lot. Search for a little depth in the premise, and you will certainly face disappointment. Go, enjoy seeing Kong killing a few monsters and beating his chest like a true warrior. That alone is worth your popcorn.

  • This is a Varun Dhawan show from start to finish. If you are a fan of his acting talent, you are in for a treat and if you are not, you are in for a treat anyway. Watch it for Varun-Alia’s chemistry and the important subject of gender equality it deals with in the garb of entertainment. This is the first true blue family entertainer of this year so far. Do not miss it.

  • As for all superhero fans…The film’s going to get you the best orgasm of your life. Highly recommended!

  • Overall, if you are a sucker for those lost-and-found formula movies, executed with a more realistic approach and laced by bravura performances, Lion should be your go to film. The performances by Sunny Pawar and Dev Patel stay with you long after the film ends.

  • If you are a Vishal Bhardwaj fan, let us warn you that this might not be his best, but we bet you’ll see another kind of a storyteller here. And yes, he does deliver a movie that is embedded with fine performances from the cast and great visuals by cinematographer Pankaj Kumar and that makes the movie deserving of a watch despite its flaws.

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