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Our Brand Is Crisis

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A feature film based on the documentary "Our Brand Is Crisis", which focuses on the use of American political campaign strategies in South America.Wikipedia

Our Brand Is Crisis Reviews

...fails to work as a convincing political satire as the pranks devised as a show of aggressive competitiveness appear childish and the performances lack dramatic heft.


...this film is a true depiction of the real-time political marketing tricks used  in the United States elections. Although depicted in a chaotic manner, Sandra Bullock’s bold acting coupled with episodes of sarcastic comedy makes it a real entertainer.


...is overstretched even at just 107 minutes, but it packs in enough of a cutting critique of electioneering chicanery. However, the salutary message that spin, rather than politics, is the villain, is unearned. The Hollywood-mandated happy ending is drenched in an idealism that isn't evident in the rest of the narrative.


Viewers looking for an educational adaptation of Bolivian political history will, without question, find a lot of problems.Those hoping for a zany dramedy may find that Green spends too much time trying to emphasise larger sociocultural messages instead of only delivering cutting satire.

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