• Suraj Prasad
    Suraj Prasad
    Deccan Chronicle


    It is an invented story providing us the origins of Peter Pan and Captain Hook, setting the stage for a sequel in a new franchise. Hugh Jackman is excellent as Blackbeard. He doesn’t reveal himself much, getting himself higher up in the league of actors who transform themselves for their characters.

  • Mohar Basu
    Mohar Basu
    Times Of India


    Pan has an unnecessary and incoherent story, with garish visual design and deafening background score. It seeks to salvage its odds by Miller’s charm. He is a strikingly beautiful child with bewitching blue eyes which can easily enamour viewers.

  • Over-the-top performances, amusing pop-references and definitive clowning around allow for some jest but the overall takeaway is less than satisfying despite the by-and-large amazing sock-it-in-your-jaw graphics animation CGI work. Some sloppy visual effects and lack of overall coherence also mar the involvement. Kids will be amused no doubt.

  • Criselle Lobo
    Criselle Lobo


    Pan is a light-­hearted fantasy film that kids will definitely love. Don’t take the movie too seriously. Sit back, relax and you’re sure to enjoy this one.