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Patas is is an action packed romantic entertainer starring Kalyan Ram as a dynamic police officer.

Patas Reviews

Debutant Director needs a pat for his effort in presenting routine story in appealingly different style. His relying on comedy has paid him. Though the story sounds as a routine cop entertainer, it was differently dealt. The first half was racy with introduction of characters, songs and comedy. Kalyan Ram joining hands with corrupt politicians and their settlements is fun to watch.In a nutshell, Patas is a visual feast for Nandamuri fan.

Times News Network
Times Of India


Although Pataas isn't the first action drama about a cop, it has all the right ingredients which would appease the masses. It's a 'vindhu bhojanam' in the truest sense.

A good time pass film and all credit to Anil Ravipudi for sprinkling all ingredients correctly.

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Great Andhra


In all, the film has all the elements that the audience wants from a commercial film and Anil Ravipudi gives them all in a neatly packaged, clean, action entertainer.

First half of the film is alright. Second half is engaging with entertainment. Climax should have been more impactful. Plus points of the film are Kalyan Ram and mass entertainment. On the flip side, it’s a normal story which we don’t expect from Kalyan Ram’s movies. On a whole, Kalyan Ram’s Patas has enough content to click with masses and general audiences.

Despite few weaknesses, Pataas has enough to engage and entertain masala loving audience. Debutante Anil Ravipudi did a very good job on a whole. This is easily one of the best commercial films that we have seen in recent times. Kalyan Ram has a winner on his hands. Watch it.

Overall, screenplay was fun packed though it has over dose of violence at places, especially brutality shown on mute girl was disturbing. This must be a reason for the film being given ‘A’ by censors. The makers should have avoided such scenes for their own benefit of fetching family crowds too. Otherwise the film has all the masala to entertain masses. It also is a befitting tribute to the comedian M.S.Narayana, who passed away on the day of the release of the movie.

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