• Kalpana Nair
    Kalpana Nair


    Nothing new happens in this absolutely unnecessary sequel…

  • Ronita Torcato
    Ronita Torcato
    The Free Press Journal


    PP2 has romance and a great soundtrack although you won’t find memorable songs like the ones from The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady and West Side Story, songs that you can go around singing all your life. However, the riff-off in the basement of a rich fan’s imposing mansion is spectacular. As is Kendrick and Snoop Dogg’s wonderful cover of Winter Wonderland.

  • Tania Rana
    Tania Rana


    The pitches are back, but just aren’t impressive enough! If you are a chick-flick fan and have loved Pitch Perfect and want to keep up with the storyline, you have got to watch this one.

  • A sequel to a good film is always a tough act. Pitch Perfect 2 shows us this; it banks on a good melody, and yet, hits all the wrong notes.