• The most enjoyable aspect about Pitch Perfect 2 is the singing. The vocals are polished, joyful and the interplay between the trained voices is seamless, forming a delightful musical tapestry. This more than makes up for some of the negatives, such as the uneven script and the sometimes jerky transitions between set pieces. But then again, if you watch this film, you’re not going to do so for scintillating dialogues. By and large, PP2 is a fun film with its best moments being of the musical variety.

  • Bryan Durham
    Bryan Durham
    DNA India


    …the second half sees a far more balanced film. Stick around and you’ll be treated to a satisfying end to a film that does well, but could’ve done so much better!

  • …could surely have been a smarter film, but it’s fun enough, and it’s for everyone. And luckily it’s not in 3D.