• Why wouldn’t the formula of violence, sex masquerading as romance and low-level humour work, when our audiences have told us that it will? Take that combination and milk it dry without stopping to consider creativity or originality. Rope in an actor who sees a chance to cash in.

  • Clearly, being a great dancer doesn’t automatically turn you into a great filmmaker. And, that’s precisely why dancing star Prabhu fumbles and falters into making any real impression in ‘R…Rajkumar’.

  • The most annoying film of 2013.

    Here’s all you need to know about the story. Hero joins villain’s gang as henchman. Both hero and villain like the same girl. Hero will do anything to save the girl. That’s it.

  • The Prabhu Dheva school of film-making, which includes flying cars, crowd-pleasing dialogues and some loud acting, has worked commercially for him in the past with Wanted and Rowdy Rathore. This time, with R… Rajkumar, the director may have perhaps pushed his luck too far.

    There will be far more worthwhile things to do this weekend than watch R… Rajkumar.