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Rangeela Raja

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Two brothers in Rajasthan follow completely different lifestyles. The older brother Raja Vijendra Pratap Singh is a business tycoon who gets drawn towards an aimless life. His younger brother Ajay Pratap Singh leads the life of a yogi. When Raja meets Natasha, his life takes a turn as do the lives of his family. Ajay then decides to bring his older brother back on track.Wikipedia

Rangeela Raja Reviews

Raja Sen
Hindustan Times


For the love of Govinda, don’t watch this film...Pahlaj Nihalani assaults us with images of a sickening Govinda, a performance-enhancing rapist who laughs in the face of consequences.

Times News Network
Times Of India


Perhaps in a different era and with a tighter script, ‘Rangeela Raja’ would have been able to entertain the single screen audience. But, in the current scenario, this tale of a philandering prince feels a little too jaded.


Believe it or faint, but Rangeela Raja is all about curing men of toxic masculinity and the sense of entitlement they have towards female companionship. It's a cautionary tale against rape culture. Only it does it all in such an over the top and hamfisted manner, that you wonder what was the point of it all.

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