• Raja Sen
    Raja Sen
    Hindustan Times


    For the love of Govinda, don’t watch this film…Pahlaj Nihalani assaults us with images of a sickening Govinda, a performance-enhancing rapist who laughs in the face of consequences.

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    Perhaps in a different era and with a tighter script, ‘Rangeela Raja’ would have been able to entertain the single screen audience. But, in the current scenario, this tale of a philandering prince feels a little too jaded.

  • Believe it or faint, but Rangeela Raja is all about curing men of toxic masculinity and the sense of entitlement they have towards female companionship. It’s a cautionary tale against rape culture. Only it does it all in such an over the top and hamfisted manner, that you wonder what was the point of it all.