• Rachit Gupta
    Rachit Gupta


    Director Kamal Sadanah has done a genuinely remarkable job at shooting this film. The camera work is at par with any big-budget Hollywood film. The cinematography showcases the flora and fauna of the Sundarbans on a grand scale. It also helps elevate the daffy tension in the narrative. The credits scenes show you how the chroma shots were converted into the final visuals. And that really is the big victory for this movie. The special effects are superlative.

  • Despite the intent to highlight a topical issue, the unintelligent plot reduces it into a movie of irrelevance.

  • Nandan Kini
    Nandan Kini


    In short, Roar is a terrible film, made with the best of technology and access available at Bollywood’s disposal. Director Kamal Sadanah obviously frittered away all sense and logic at the edit table. We can only hope the’ tigers don’t stalk their prey into any theatres. With so few of them left, a glimpse of Roar might just make them suicidal.

  • Roar is a welcome reboot for the man-versus-beast thriller B-movie in India. And bad actors come with the territory.