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Run Raja Run

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The protagonist has been ditched by a series of girls, which puts him into a depression and this time, there are a lot of people looking to console him. His name is Raja Harishchandra Prasad, and as the name suggests, he is a very truthful and outspoken person. One day, he comes across a girl named Priya whose love stories are on the same line. When the two start flirting with each other, a sudden crime story that has been running in the city for a while starts chasing Raja.Wikipedia

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Times Of India


Madhie's cinematography is gorgeous throughout the film and Ghibran's music is another asset. Sujeeth gets a lot of things right in his debut film; however, it still is a lost opportunity. The emphasis on style takes over the sharp writing that's quite visible in the first act. For all you know, Run Raja Run could have been a truly unique and quirky film in a long time. Alas, it ends up as a light-hearted entertainer which begins to take itself too seriously after a point and loses its edginess in the process.



Overall, Run Raja Run is a fabulous entertainer, which has an interesting story with enough and brilliant performance by Sharwanand and others. It has all commercial ingredients and it will impress all classes of audience. Don't miss to watch it this weekend.

The first half of Run Raja Run was quite entertaining with good comedy, songs and dances while the second half unfolds the story and the much talked songs sequences came out well. With a good twists and twirls and a decent climax, second half turned a good watch. Major problem with the film is the typical storyline and predictable narration happens post intermission. Content wise, Run Raja Run is not a unique one but it does not fail to impress you or keep you engrossed with the good entertainment. Run Raja Run makes you spend two hours with regular yet vibrant funny ride.

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Great Andhra


Though the director maintains pace, he drags the plot during the second half and the editor could have chopped off a couple of scenes to tighten the film. Bottomline: Total Paisa Vasool

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