• Pratik Ghosh
    Pratik Ghosh
    DNA India


    Sairat with its familiar trope of star-crossed lovers, chase scenes, song-and-dance sequences, slo-mo shots, generous doses of humour and picturesque locales has the right amount of masala to lull your senses. It is, after all, a familiar terrain, you would think. You are wrong, horribly wrong! Sairat jolts you when you least expect it. In those few moments, Manjule gives you a taste of the violent realities playing out in the form of honour killings and the simmering inter-caste hatred that puts them in perspective.

  • The romance of Parshya and Archie, a low-caste boy and an upper-caste girl in rural Maharashtra, the milieu that Manjule clearly understands, though very mainstream, has beautifully detailed moments, enough to induce a wide-eyed grin on your face.

  • BookMyShow Team
    BookMyShow Team


    Watch this movie to find out how things turn out for this couple and how society feels and reacts to relationships of such young runaways. Nagraj Manjule has created a complete cinematic experience for his viewers. This film also marks the debut of Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru, who have done complete justice to their roles.

  • An epic reimagining of the typical love story touches (and crushes) the heart…

  • New directors always dream of doing something different. I tell them to just add freshness to tried and tested themes. Nagraj Manjule has done just that and how!

  • Manjule takes well-worn material and a classic tale and gives it his own distinctive touches.