• Mihir Bhanage
    Mihir Bhanage
    Times Of India


    The Marathi industry makes its share of ridiculous films but it is films like ‘Sairat’ that reinstate the faith in the power of regional films, especially the Marathi ones.

  • More than the “story”, we are taken on a ride of emotions, such as the adrenaline rush of waiting for your crush to enter the classroom. This takes you right back to your college days.

  • Preeti Kulkarni
    Preeti Kulkarni
    Bollywood Life


    Amazing storytelling, brilliant performances and music makes Sairat an amazing treat to all movie goers of all ages. While there are scenes where you can have a lot of masti and fun, there are other sequences where you would just want to sit back and ponder over the class and caste issues which we grapple with everyday.

  • Sairat is not an easy film to make or to grasp. While I recommend it, I’d also warn the audience to pause and take a deep breath before passing the judgment, one way or another.

  • Sairaat may be heartbreaking for some to watch. But for a true movie buff of any kind of cinema, it should be a great watch, especially with the two narratives pre- and post-interval.