• The only take-away from the film is that Rekha is as beautiful, as vivacious and super talented as ever and that our writers should really think of giving her meaningful roles that suit her stature.

  • While Kumar might win points for versatility, for shifting from an audacious adult comedy like ‘Grand Masti’ into dictating morals in ‘Super Nani’, his transformation doesn’t appear genuine and doesn’t win us over.

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar
    The Hindu


    A shrill family melodrama whose essence is lost in execution…

  • JPN


    The film is made with lot of heart and emotions. The movie’s biggest weakness is its predictability and over melodrama. Anupam Kher tickles funny bone as a filmmaker. Randhir Kapoor as Rekha’s on screen husband has few good scenes. Debutant Shweta Kumar is good. Watch this film if you are a fan of Rekha or Sharman Joshi.

  • Indra Kumar’s ‘Super Nani’ is made with lot of heart and emotions but despite its strong subject it hardly touches our soul. The movie’s biggest weakness is its predictability and over melodrama which worked two decades back when family drama movies were most served in Bollywood.

  • “Super Nani” is a good family entertainer, which makes the viewers laugh as well as cry. It is a great comeback for Rekha, who overshadows all other actors in the film. The predictable plot and over melodrama are its two big drawbacks, which may not stop the audience from enjoying the movie.