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The Path of Zarathustra

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The Path Of Zarathustra is a film about a young woman, Oorvazi, born into Zoroastrianism, the religion of her forefathers and leaves the isolation of her remote home when her grandfather with whom she lives alone dies. He leaves her a mysterious message and an even more mysterious book. Oorvazi journeys to Mumbai, the city where the dwindling Zoroastrian community, an endangered species of believers lives. She is welcomed in her aunt’s house by her aunt’s adopted son who confesses that he still loves her.Wikipedia

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Wrapped with personal issues that include romance, the film is the story of Oorvazi. It is her quest in understanding and deciphering her religion. It speaks about; the dwindling race - who are "The last of the first believers of the single god", their idiosyncrasies in preserving their purity and gives a solution to their problems. Overall, the film is path breaking in its own way and worth a watch.

Ronita Torcato
The Free Press Journal


Oorvazi Irani acquits herself well in the acting and directorial front. There is good emoting too by the supporting cast. Embellished by meaningful dialogue and exquisite (award-worthy) cinematography, ‘The Path of Zarathustra’ makes a persuasive case for modernity and progress in matters of faith and religion.


The Path of Zarathustra is a simple, well-meaning film with a message. It features noteworthy performances, cinematography and music. It is the perfect film for anyone who wants to gain some insights into religion and its true meaning.

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The Hindu


A must for the Parsis but it doesn’t offer a hand to others to come along. The reformist might not like it!

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