• Rohit Vats
    Rohit Vats


    The climax is uselessly dragged and doesn’t evoke any enthusiasm in the viewer’s mind.
    The camera work is ordinary, so is the editing but the real disappointment is the music of the film. Just one song ‘Superman’ catches some imagination otherwise the album is a dud.
    The portrayal of gay community in the film can raise some eyebrows. Their representation is not sympathetic.

  • The redeeming feature about Will You Marry Me is the complete lack of pretensions. Vulgarity, crass humour (including a scene with a bare-chested Muzammil sporting a black-and-white candy striped bra) comprise the ethos of the film. While most of us may dismiss the film outright, there are always a few takers for these so-called ‘ingenuous’ sex comedies.Maybe that’s why they’re being dished out with such amazing frequency.

  • Avijit Ghosh
    Avijit Ghosh
    Times Of India


    With a weak script to begin with, a story that loses the plot from the word ‘Go’ and an unmoving narrative, director Aditya V Datt seems to have failed in his ‘marriage proposal’ to the audience. The attempts to elicit a few laughs by stereo-typifying the gay community is not in good taste. After a while, we begin to gag on the gags. Accept this proposal at your own risk. This is one marriage that’s a bad idea.

  • What’s Good: Hardly anything!.What’s Bad: The juvenile script; the poor performances.Verdict: Will You Marry Me? will lose the box-office battle.Watch or Not?: Watch it if you want to know how things can go wrong with a film.

  • Taran Adarsh
    Taran Adarsh
    Bollywood Hungama


    On the whole, WILL YOU MARRY ME? is better than what you expect it to be, but the film arrives with minimal awareness and promotion and that might curtail its prospects to a large extent.

  • The movie is enjoyable with a neat twist at the end. But had the editors made use of their scissors, this could have been a snazzier film. Nevertheless, it does entertain.