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Winter’s Tale

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Winter's Tale is a 2014 American supernatural drama film based on the 1983 novel by Mark Helprin. Set in 1916 and present-day Manhattan, Winter's Tale follows the story of Peter Lake, a thief who falls in love with Beverly Penn, a dying girl who has tuberculosis and occupies one of the houses he breaks into. Lake is saved from the insane Irish gangster Pearly Soames and his henchmen by Athansor, a mysterious white horse who becomes his guardian angel.Wikipedia

Winter's Tale Reviews

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


While the setting, cinematography, background score, outfits, imagery, everything is ideal for a 'magical love story', the adaptation is way too convoluted and unconvincing. It all looks beautiful but you don't feel for the characters or their love, which is a big drawback for a romantic fantasy. Barring Jennifer Connelly's cameo, even performances are mediocre. The two lead actors have no chemistry.

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


You lose interest in the plot right from the beginning; it starts off on a rather dull note and continues in the same vein. All the fantasy and mysticism is even less credible than a fake preacher. The only reason the film is bearable is because it is beautifully shot and the cast is earnest. Pity, the story leaves you stone cold.

Siddhi Palande


The film punctuates love and miracle yet fails to ascertain that the message reaches across without any hitch. Fantasy-romance meshed with time-travel, gone wrong!

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