• What attracts you more is the artistry of the film, the frames and the montages are A-rate. They take you on a nostalgia trip and bring out the Bengali-ness of the setting. With the film being a cliff hanger, India gets its own promising franchise Sherlock Holmes-esque franchise.

  • …the film may not be big budget with glitzy sets yet it deals with burly issue with sensitivity. It is an eye-opener. If only our viewers could watch it once…

  • The jokes are not entirely too bad, a few do tickle your funny bone. But that’s that. The film’s music is also appeasing and some songs have a repeat value. Our favourite so far has been Naina and Chori Chori.

  • The film punctuates love and miracle yet fails to ascertain that the message reaches across without any hitch. Fantasy-romance meshed with time-travel, gone wrong!

  • A good storyline with loose ends; the film irks you with some cheesy dialogues and incomprehensible sequences – a constantly blabbering girlfriend and always stuck in some snow-storm gabru pehelwan boys – to name a few. With a nice tempering of Salsa and Belly Dance, the film keeps you from falling off to sleep.

  • The film may be a Rom-com or a coming-of-the-age-film, yet Meeta’s strong presence also makes it a character film. She isn’t the typical graceful heroine of a Hindi film who is waiting for her Raj. She is unconventional, eccentric and ambitious…Overall, this film is a must on your weekend planner if you are a Hindi movie buff.

  • The film is a family entertainer which gives us hope for a better future. An ardent Salman Khan fan will watch this film, as well as those who hold love for Bollywood and cinema in their bosom, should not miss out on this one.
    A film that will bring a smile on everyone’s face. One that is not to be missed!

  • For its story, for its dialogues, for its picturization, for its songs, for the acting; the film shall always remain a cult classic; an epic we venerate, be it in any form or in any era. A film like this can never be rated for it is the film that made the stars what they became.

  • The film is not-so-funny, not so educative but definitely dull with a juiceless script, yet alluring imagery.

  • The animation might be a let down, but the film captures the essence of the mythological saga.

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