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Yaan, loosely translating to mean me in Tamil has Jiiva essaying a role which sees the actor move from being college youngster to a man of purpose.Wikipedia

Yaan Reviews

Yaan is a long, tedious and completely over-the-top action drama of a fun- loving unemployed youngster, whose life turns upside down when he sets out to prove himself for his love...

M Suganth
Times Of India


Unfortunately for us, the second only makes the first seem better despite the actual plot kicking in only here. We have to put up with amateurishly written prison sequences, an unimaginative way to bring the heroine into the plot (you keep wondering why it has to be her and not someone better qualified, like her dad's cop friend Anwar, who has to go to Basilistan to save Chandru), mood-killing songs, and stunts filled with cliches (a bald man gets hammered on his head with a bottle, and he dies by striking his head against a hook, a Bourne-inspired sequence where the hero has to save the heroine from the villain's henchmen through cobbled alleyways, and the most cliched of cliches — a villain who is the worst shot ever).


Maybe, Chandran is a better cinematographer than a filmmaker. Or maybe he just isn't ready yet to be a filmmaker.

Raisa Nasreen


Less thrills, more drama! Watch this film for its visually stunning scenes and for the thrill chase sequences.

India Glitz


All said, 'Yaan' is a clean entertainer, healthy for family audience, but for just a couple of hard action scenes. It is certainly worth the watch, provided you do not expect too many fights or too much mushy love from it, and aren't very conscious about the three hours it will consume.

...the biggest problem with Yaan is that there are no twists and the climax is not convincing. The film could have been trimmed by atleast 15 minutes and songs in the second half act as speed breakers.

Reviewer Profile
The Hindu


It is high time that filmmakers recognise the fact that packing a two-hour film merely with chase and action sequences is not going to hold the audience's attention. What is needed is a meaty story narrated in a coherent manner. Much was expected of Ravi K. Chandran's debut film. But, it looks like his time hasn't come yet.


Yaan is a typical Hollywood inspired Tamil movie with some brilliant camera work in which the visuals look slick but fails to impress one and all due to its poor writing which makes the movie logic-less and dull. So dull, that it conveniently overcomes the glossiness provided by the cinematography.

A solid milieu and a nice story knot under utilized by weak writing.

Logic and Yaan are mutually exclusive terms. But that will not be a problem if the film is entertaining enough. Sadly it is not so, barring the pleasing visuals. Replace the second 'a' in the title 'Yaan' with a 'w'and that is what the film offers you.


With great hype comes greater burden of meeting expectations – ‘Yaan’ falls prey to this adage as it flounders at the start and fails to keep on its feet as it is dealt several body blows due to a weak script, poor execution and ill-advised knots in the storyline. A good one to give a miss!

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