• Stree certainly deserves a watch for its funny content and the concept that will keep haunting you for long. By the end of it you might also figure out as to what is it that women actually want. Also, what’s more delightful than watching good actors on screen!

  • The film has a very strong first half, where you won’t be able to stop laughing, but the second half takes a long pause, ponders, reflects and becomes almost pensive. Karwaan is certainly worth a watch for it’s funny first half. And if it’s not the story that you are in for, catch it for the brilliance that is Irrfan Khan.

  • Race 3 is a treat for Salman fans but it ends at being just that. There is no reason why you shouldn’t buy the tickets to watch Salman Khan doing what he does best. But if you go in expecting to watch the third film of the Race franchise, you might not be too pleased with the way it has been treated.

  • Even if your folks care about superheroes saving the galaxy from a power-hungry, mass-culling enthusiast, drag them to watch this delightful film over the weekend. Make a family outing out of it, we say!

  • Watching Blackmail is like riding a roller-coaster – you don’t know as to what will happen next but the mere thrill of it is enough to make you hop on. With so much amusement, it is no wonder that you don’t want the ride to end. It would be criminal to miss this one. An absolute must-watch!

  • Raid is a great watch if you want inspiration to file your IT returns on time. Raid is a decent watch, even otherwise. However, don’t expect it to bowl you over.

  • Accept this invitation only if you are really out of your mind or want to kill some time, literally. By the time you walk out of the film you would have lost track of all that is sensible in the world. Consider yourself forewarned.

  • Despite its flaws, Fukrey Returns falls short only when compared to the first part. As a stand alone film, it manages to keep you engaged throughout with some really funny scenes that will have you rolling on the floor. If you are looking for some comic relief, this is the film that you should head to.

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