• That is the biggest tragedy of this tamasha. The unintended humour makes a mockery of the social issue it set out to tackle by way of this film. A badly made comic caper is excusable, but a sombre social drama so preposterous is simply unacceptable.

  • What makes Bubblegum an entertaining watch is the absolutely realistic & mature treatment to adolescent issues generally discarded as frivolous.

  • While the makers would want to believe they have an intelligent product centring on bizarre and daft protagonists’, it ironically lands their film being inadvertently resembling the very same people — brainless bummers.

  • Terrifyingly real, and immensely watchable for the cold fright it inspires. She must be lauded for relying on fresh young actors, and believing in the risky attempt of largely untouched storytelling.

  • It makes for an engaging, fun, and an enthusiastic outing. Easily forgettable, momentarily enjoyable, youthfully relevant, relishing such cinema once in a while is not a crime after all.

  • Shor In The City is a classic instance of one of the finest screenplays written with phenomenal editing (Ashmith Kunder), all this shot crisply — the attention of the camera zooming at certain instances leave you captivated, too overwhelmed to react, because this film, dear spectators, is made to kick you off-guard.

  • An ambitious sophomore story of scholastically dim students coursing an almost impossible journey to prove their worth, enrolling for once in FALTU, might not be a faltu idea after all.

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