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Luv Ka The End

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Luv Ka The End is a 2011 Hindi film directed by Bumpy, starring Shraddha Kapoor and Taaha Shah in the lead roles. The film was the first production of Y-Films, a subsidiary of Yash Raj Films and released to mostly positive reviews on May 6, 2011. The film is also loosely based on 2009 American film Wild Cherry. It was a success at the box office. This movie was inspired by 2006 Hollywood movie John Tucker Must Die.Wikipedia

Luv Ka The End Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


But there’s so little else in the film that it all flattens out in an alarming sit-com like fashion, as this very now film is reduced to using the creakiest comic devices from old-style Bollywood—itching powder, and laxatives.

Nikhat Kazmi
Times Of India


This one is romance in reverse. And that's the only novelty the film can boast about. While most Bollywood love stories reach a fruition, Love Ka The End works feverishly -- and foolishly -- towards love's decimation.

Mayank Shekhar
Hindustan Times


If this movie were true, yes. But it's not. So, not to worry, "babes" (yup, I hate that word too). "Chill!" Just tag along with these bozos, watch them enter a gay bar, without any context, as tranny strippers go, "Tera jism jism. Tera badan badan. Yeh toh hai bus, Mutton mutton." Luv it. Huh!

It makes for an engaging, fun, and an enthusiastic outing. Easily forgettable, momentarily enjoyable, youthfully relevant, relishing such cinema once in a while is not a crime after all.

Luv Ka the End is uncomfortably icky, tediously wannabe and depressingly homophobic. So characters determinedly use youthful lingo like babes, chill, BFF and of course, aren’t afraid of four letter words. Everybody is styled casual cool and we even have a new age mom giving lines like: I know love is hard baby.


Peppy and conversational dialogue, relatable instances and a lot of madness make LKTE an enjoyable chick flick. Mostly appealing to the college going crowd, LKTE might just be downright unbearable for the others. We recommend this one if you're in the mood for a mindless watch.


On the whole, Luv Ka The End is interesting in parts only but the childish pranks of Rhea and group will not be appreciated even by the target audience – youth in the cities. At the box-office, it will not be able to do much.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


On the whole, LUV KA THE END appeals to the sensibilities of Gen X. This one's for the yuppie Facebook and Twitter generation. Go, have a blast!

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So all the girls out there buckle up for one crazy night and don't miss this chic-flick.

Reviewer Profile


This film is not about young love at 18 as would be standard in a Bollywood film. Instead, the plot follows what happens when the perfect guy ends up to be a dog and what the perfect girl does when love goes wrong.

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