• What works for ‘Dishoom’ is the chemistry that Abraham and Dhawan share, despite the cheesy and humourless lines. The fact that the twosome are easy on the eye probably earns them a few more points that they may have lost with their acting prowess or lack thereof.
    All said and done though, ‘Dishoom’ may not pack a steady punch like ‘Sultan’ or ‘Kabali’, but it doesn’t bore at least.

  • Where ‘Airlift’ perhaps stumbles is its over-simplicity in handling some of the proverbial landmines strewn in its path; and Inaamulhaq’s Arab accent as an Iraqi major is quite laughable.
    But such trivialities are best ignored when you look at the grand picture. In this particular case, ‘Airlift’ takes off with minimum turbulence at the cinemas this week.

  • Critics may find holes in the plot, and there are many, yet, what works for the film is Barjatya himself, who unapologetically uses the story’s very simplicity as its biggest advantage.

  • The ’90s humour is as tired and hackneyed as this entire enterprise.

    Take our advice and the money spent on this weekend’s movie outing is perhaps best spent on charity instead. Believe us, you will be doing yourself a favour.

  • If his film outings in the last few years are anything to go by, what you seen on screen is ultimately the Salman Khan brand that has perhaps even overshadowed the actor that lies beneath.

    So with his latest, sure to become an Eid blockbuster, it is a refreshing change to see Salman the actor outshines the muscle and the brawn that have become his signature trademarks.

  • Raw and gritty, this revenge drama is a must-watch cinematic fare…

  • Look anywhere but this Akshay Kumar-starrer for ‘Entertainment’…The Bollywood audience may still want their song and dance routines around trees in the exotic countryside, but what they also demand today with a growing level of maturity is the need of a decent script.

  • With a runtime of 141 minutes, Mathew drags the movie into an endless Karan Johar (also the producer of the film) tribute, which could have easily been chopped down to a more bearable 100 minutes or less.

  • In a year that has produced films such as ‘Kai Po Che!’ and ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’, that have boasted a crisp storyline and powerful screenplay, along comes a cinematic masterpiece that chucks the very backbone of a good film – it’s script – and decides to go down with a loud ‘Dhoom’ in the third instalment of this money-spinning franchise.

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