• GAV is a perfect film for this festive season that is targeted at the family crowds. GAV doesn’t have elements that pleases the youth and masses as director sticks to the genre. It has strong content, superb performances and good music to win the audiences hearts. Range of the film will depend on how mass audience and youngsters respond to it.

  • Loukyam is an entertaining film that can be happily watched once. However audience that expects explosive action scenes with Gopichand in the lead will be disappointed.

  • You will come out disappointed if you are expecting something on the level of Dookudu. This film is very inferior to it and only works because of Mahesh. He should solely carry this film at the box office too.

  • Comedy is the Saving Grace of Rabhasa!

  • Grand Debut with a Bland Script!
    This film is strictly not for audience who look for variety. It is a formulaic mass entertainer that will have to bank heavily on the brand name of Vinayak and other commercial elements to click at the box office.

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