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Aagadu is a Telugu Action Comedy film set in the backdrop of Tadipatri Village of Ananthapuram District in Rayalaseema in which Mahesh Babu would essay the role of a Police Officer. Wikipedia

Aagadu Reviews

Suresh Kavirayani
Deccan Chronicle


Though this film has many similarities of Srinu Vaitla’s earlier films, but it’s Mahesh Babu who has the audience’s attention throughout. Watch it for him and more rely on him! The big question is will he pull this film into a big blockbuster?

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Times Of India


There are surfeits of slapstick moments, it's just that the situations aren't as funny and the smarts in the gags are amiss more often than not. The production values barring Shruti Haasan's sexy act in the item number aren't exactly breathtaking and the songs baring Bhel Puri and the title track look better than they sound. There's fun to be had off course but perhaps the end product is more slapstick than funny.


Only if you need to hold the record that you’ve seen all of Mahesh Babu’s films, go and watch the movie. But do follow Mahesh’s advice in the movie and stick a pair of plugs into your ears before you enter the theater.

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Great Andhra


The only saving grace for the film is Mahesh and a few punch dialogues sprinkled randomly which has now become the trademark of Srinu Vaitla.

At Box Office, 'Aagadu' will have a superb opening weekend because of enormous hype and massive release. We can't expect this routine flick to break too many record and even 'Dookudu' full run share is safe. To finish it off, 'Aagadu' isn't the kind of film one expects from Mahesh-Vytla combo.


With Aagadu, Mahesh Babu once again proves his super stardom. Right from the word go, it is Mahesh, Mahesh and only Mahesh throughout the film. Even though this film has routine similarities to Vaitla’s previous flicks, entertaining comedy in the first half coupled with some decent music makes this film an​ ok​ ​family entertainer.

You will come out disappointed if you are expecting something on the level of Dookudu. This film is very inferior to it and only works because of Mahesh. He should solely carry this film at the box office too.

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