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Rabhasa is a Telugu film directed by Santosh srinivas.Wikipedia

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Rabhasa is the one man show of NTR well complimented with some excellent comedy from Brahmanandham. Like most films these days, the film is less on substance more on comedy. But some how Telugu audience have developed high tolerance levels to such films. So Rabhasa is expected to work out well at the box office.

If you’re Jr NTR fan, then Rabhasa comes with a one watch tag. But if you are looking for something different, it’s better to wait for its home edition.

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Great Andhra


Like all films these days, the film has its share of ifs and what ifs. Still, Rabhasa can be watched purely for the sincere efforts put in by NTR.

At Box Office, 'Rabhasa' will fetch good returns for the first one week and the end result largely depends on how well it fares in its second week facing an opposition from Raviteja's 'Power'.Verdict: One Time Watchable!


Rabhasa is definitely not the blockbuster hit that NTR was desperately looking for. But some entertaining comedy and NTR’s one man show, will surely make the general audience lap up this average entertainer during the festive season.

Comedy is the Saving Grace of Rabhasa!

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