• I found a giggling amount of comedy in ‘‪Bengal Tiger’. Focus on the funny bits. It won’t matter if you doze off for the rest of the film though.

  • Palnati Surya Pratap’s film isn’t all mushy and he deserves a pat on his back for that. The emotions of the leads are true and it rightly says that at the end of the day trust is all that matters and nothing else comes into the picture.

  • When things that are commendable are few and far between, it’s not an easy watch. For all the “Aaluma Doluma” about ‘Vedalam’, the impact is just about a fingerprint. There isn’t enough strength in it to pack a punch.

  • Kamal Haasan is this out of the world Superman when he’s in front of the camera. Give him any character and within a minute he transforms into that character. There’s no denying that there’s earnestness in Jeethu Joseph’s story. But having watched a version of the movie I was apprehensive about ‘Papanasam’s’ capability to convince me afresh. However it’s a joy to discover what the team has done here. They have proved that even after watching several versions of the story, you’ll still be able to relish this drama till the last minute.

  • ‘Kaakka Muttai’ is a window facing the sea which allows the calm evening sun to enter the muscles and ribs of the human body to warm the heart. The evening sun also brings with it a refreshing breeze staging the essentiality of watching a film.

  • Kamal Haasan’s film offering several memorable moments is a must watch…

  • The screen image of the lead actor isn’t really the problem in ‘Kaaki Sattai’ but with the screenplay itself. Having bitten into Siva’s performance as Mathimaaran, it would be unfair to say Siva isn’t capable of rising amid insensibility. He has ten other Mathimaarans in him, only if R. S. Durai Senthilkumar had pulled the correct rabbit out of the hat, ‘Kaaki Sattai’ would have been the film Siva could have told in his later years that this changed his stamp as an actor.

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