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Uttama Villain

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Uttama Villain, roughly translated to 'a virtuous villain' is about a struggling actor past his prime, getting ready for one last act that will establish him as the biggest performer of all time. The story covers a time span of approximately 1500 years as it keeps moving to and fro in different time zones.Wikipedia

Uttama Villain Reviews

Kamal Haasan's film offering several memorable moments is a must watch...

Anupama Subramanian
Deccan Chronicle


There are few shortcomings. Nevertheless Kamals’ amazing screen presence pulls an otherwise bit dragging film with a runtime of 2hrs 52 minutes. The film can be enjoyed only in parts.

The story of Manoranjan and the scenes from the eighth century unfold simultaneously. The story shifts between superstar Manoranjan and the talented actor he is. It shifts between someone who is on the brink of death and someone who has been successfully dodging it. It shifts between mortality and stardom. What's important for any actor is that he's remembered even after he's gone.

M Suganth
Times Of India


The slapstick portions involving Uttaman should have been crisper and given that by know we are familiar with Kamal's tics, his performance as Uttaman doesn't hold any surprise. But the actor more than makes up for it with Manoranjan; he doesn't strain to make the role more empathetic and it is a remarkably restrained, heart-tugging performance from an actor who, at times, has a tendency to overplay his roles. We come to care so much for this character that by the time the film ends, we realize our eyes have become misty.

India Glitz


Some films you applaud, some you whistle and hoot , but audience’s appreciation of ‘Uttama Villain’(read Kamal Haasan) is expressed through the tears in their eyes as they leave the theatre. A question does arise whether Kamal Haasan’s ingenuity would reach all sections of the audiences, but still for the lovers of cinema ‘Uttama Villain will find a place in their hearts as one of Ulaganayagan’s best efforts.

On the whole, its shortcomings notwithstanding, Uttama Villain is a good example of an entertaining commercial film that didn't need to be lazy or senseless.


Kamal Haasan’s writing is so dense and allusive and overstuffed and layered and indulgent that it’s always a question whether even the best actors and directors in the world can come up with the kind of wit and timing needed to fully make the transition from page to screen — in other words, the best Kamal Haasan movies are probably locked up inside his head, where they reside in the most perfect possible manner.

...a fitting tribute to the late K Balachander and is a film all Kamal Haasan fans can be proud of. On the flip side, it lacks the zest to keep everybody hooked throughout.


Uttama Villain will only appeal to a certain section of audience. Kamal Haasan’s mature performance and a emotional climax are basic assets of the film. On the flip side, a lengthy second half and lack of entertainment values will go against the film big time. Finally, all those who like Kamal Haasan’s style of film making and melodrama might end up liking it. But for the rest, it is just a below average affair.

When you walk out at the end of the film, after the credits roll, there sure would be a lump in your throat and you would tip your hat in favor of this amazing artist called Kamal Haasan. Take a bow sir!Screaming of mastery in every department, Uttama Villain is True cinema

Kamal Haasan alternates between experimental risky movies and low-budget commercial remake movies. The question in audience mind is which category does "Uttama Villain" fall under? In Uttama Villain, The answer is Kamal has blended them both and achieved mixed results.


A Kamal Haasan movie is always a curiosity-kindler, and Uthama Villan is again the perfect fodder for the hunger and passion of any cinema fanatic! Touching areas of immortality, this meta-movie featuring late legend K .Balachander is simply the best tribute Kamal could have paid to his mentor and creator for its perfection in making and class in execution – Now that’s more than enough reason not to miss this one of a kind clinical performance!

Kamal Haasan shoulders the film in spite of its weaknesses. He is there in almost every frame and that is the biggest asset for this one. The treatment of the movie is sluggish and it will be a great disappointment if you expect something special from Kamal Haasan. The movie may seem okay if you go with nil expectations. We have seen many great films from the superstar and Uttama Villain will not have place amongst his best. The film may not do that well on the commercial front as it is a strict no-no for the masses.

Audience Reviews for Uttama Villain

  • Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
    Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
    160 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    A couple of years has passed since Kamal Hassan's "Vishwaroopam" had graced the scenes & so naturally there has been a great deal of expectations surrounding his latest release "Uttama Villain". Well I feel it's kinda justified after all the legend always comes up with some brilliant movies or tries to do something quite different from his previous efforts. The promos had already generated considerable interest & the hype was further fuelled with the controversy related to some monetrary issues prior to release. So has the legend aced it yet again???

    Manoranjan (Kamal Hassan) is the reigning superstar of the Tamil film industry for which he was indebted to his mentor & ace director, Margadarsi (K Balachander). However, he had to part ways with his mentor as he was acting in all the mindless commercial blockbusters produced by his filthy rich father-in-law (K Vishwanath) for the past many years. Since he suffered from recurrent headaches, his family doctor & lovebird Dr. Arpana (Andrea Jeremiah) subjects him to a couple of medical tests. At around the same time, an individual named Jacob Zachariah (Jayaram) comes to meet him with some startling revelations. To make matters worse, the tests revealed that he was in the terminal stage of brain tumour & didnt have much time left. So he approaches his mentor to direct him for one last time, who initially refuses but gives in to his ward's wishes when he is informed of his medical condition. So will Mano be able to complete the movie & make peace with all his loved ones???

    This venture has been helmed by Ramesh Aravind, though the Kamal Hassan effect could be felt throughout the movie. There is no doubt that he has done an admirable job in executing Kamal's script onto the celluloid. Now coming to the movie, hats off to Kamal for coming up with a touching storyline with oodles of emotion but taking care that humour is also given adequate attention. Actually that's exactly where I felt the movie faltered as the comedy movie being shot in the film seemed pretty mediocre for large portions of the first half. However, the second half was fantastic & there are quite a lot of sequences where you might feel some moist eyelids. Each of the characters are given the limelight at some point of the film through the one on one interaction with Kamal but the highlight for me was the one involving his son & the other with his manager. Equally brilliant was Ghibran's music which actually elevated the viewing experience. As for the visuals, Shamdat has done a decent job while Vijay Shankar should have been more judicious in the editing of the first half.

    Kamal Hassan absolutely rocked as the protagonist & you actually feel the pain that he expresses that you actually root for the character to defy death.Urvashi was fantastic as the superstar's wife while the late legend, K. Balachander makes his presence felt. Parwathy has once again proved her acting credentials while Jayaram & Ashwin (as Kamal's son) have also done a fine job. Nasar was awesome in his role even though it was restricted to the character within the period drama & equally impressive was M.S Bhaskar. As for Andrea & Pooja Kumar, both were average at best with the former's performance oscillating from mediocre in the first half to credible in the latter half.

    Verdict: Being a Kamal movie, it should have a sensational initial & the producers should be laughing from ear to ear. Though a significant portion of the first hour or so, wont quite work for many of us...I can assure you that the movie gets better with each passing scene. In short, it might not be an uttama film in totality, but it gives more than adequate glimpses of it!!!

    Rating: 3.5/5


    September 18, 16
  • Santosh
    1 review


    May 05, 15