• Based on the myth that a cat has nine lives, this film makes a flawed attempt, to make you realise that you’re not a cat who’s blessed enough to have nine lives but a mere human with one life to reconcile all that you’ve done wrong and to live it happily with your loved ones.

    You might want to watch this film only and only if you’re a die-hard cat person.

  • For people who haven’t watched any of the previous adaptations, this might prove to be a better pick than Bollywood period dramas like ‘Mohenjo Daro’ but for those who have, it‘ll just be disappointing.

  • To sum up, a scene from the film summarises our feeling for the film; “We love ‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam’ but we aren’t in love with it”.

  • Go for it if you’re on for some serious unnerving experience. It’s not an extraordinary film but definitely a commendable effort! And just in case you’re an aspiring actor, movie might just as a ‘warning’ for you!

  • To the film’s credit, locales are a visual delight. The plot could have worked if too many twists and turns weren’t incorporated or if they had cast some acclaimed actors for the desired roles. Alas, the could haves weren’t actually there and the film ended up being what it is.
    Go for it it.. actually, don’t. You can easily skip this film.

  • This cliched love story doesn’t do justice to Mawra Hocane, Harshvardhan Rane’s potential as actors…

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