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Bollywood Diaries

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Bollywood Diaries is about three unrelated individuals - a guy working at a call-center in Delhi, a middle-aged government servant from Bhilai and a prostitute from Sonagachi, Kolkata who aspire to become Bollywood actors.Wikipedia

Bollywood Diaries Reviews

Go for it if you're on for some serious unnerving experience. It's not an extraordinary film but definitely a commendable effort! And just in case you're an aspiring actor, movie might just as a 'warning' for you!

Rohit Bhatnagar
Deccan Chronicle


I feel pity on such filmmakers, who make film with such conviction and everything goes for a toss just because the film doesn’t have any big face and better distribution.

Bollywood Diaries is a good attempt but fails to pack a solid punch.

If only the disparate elements were better dovetailed into the larger picture it seeks to paint, Bollywood Diaries might have had more to write home about.It is disappointing that it doesn't because the premise did have a great deal of promise.

Mohar Basu
Times Of India


In this country, the glam world permeates into every sphere of our lives. Behind the shine of stardom, there is the struggle of multitudes, who are unable to make it big here. Is this film a befitting tribute to them? No. Lamentably, even with its noble intention and strong performances, the movie never soars.


Bollywood Diaries is not a bad film, definitely not on paper. It has the right Ideas, it even tries to bring a little bit of innovation to the storytelling. But even so, it seems to try too hard. And in the process of trying to be too dramatic it makes a meal of its themes. It could've been a lot better. But it's not. It just about manages to be acceptable, mostly thanks to its intentions.


BOLLYWOOD DIARIES is an honest film with a great connect, and although the build-up gives you that disjointed feeling, it packs a punch towards the end. If there has been a time in your life when you had harbored hopes of being a part of Bollywood, or still wanting to make it big in Bollywood, then this movie is definitely for you.

Subhash K Jha


In Bollywood dreams die first. But such a rare film on the subject must not be allowed to die.

Manisha Lakhe


Three stories of Bollywood crazy people is a good idea. But the film suffers when the three stories are dragged through the mud way after the audience has figured out the end of each story.

India Glitz


'Bollywood Diaries' is dark and lacks the star value. But is a decent watch for all those who like such small meaningful films.

Watch this film without too many expectations, and you might find yourself moved the by the characters and their Bollywood diaries.

Audience Reviews for Bollywood Diaries

  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    I am personally in love with Indian independent cinema as it currently stands. In spite of a measly reception by the audience of films that released in the previous half of this decade, filmmakers are still producing them. And this engrossing drama comes as a testament to the fact that good films are still being made.

    Imli (Raima Sen) is a cinema enthusiast who dreams of acting in films, but is currently employed as a prostitute in Kolkata. So, when a creative director knocks at her brothel's door in search of a solid story, Imli opens her heart with the hope of landing a role. Few thousand kilometers away from her is UP guy, Rohit (Salim Diwan), a soaked-up BPO professional who also wants to become an actor in Bollywood. After multiple failed attempts at impressing directors, Rohit signs up for a talent show associated with a film, where he hopes to make it big. In the neighboring state of Delhi lives Vishnu (Asish Vidyarthi), a to-be-retired accounts manager, who wants to pursue his childhood passion of acting. But, before he can do that, he has to cross one more hurdle: his health.

    Hope is what drives these three characters as the film narrates their stories in linear fashion. All of them want to be actors, which is not a novel thing, when it comes to Bollywood dramas or story arcs. But, these stories do not look one bit contrived. They originate out of ordinary people who have led boring lives and now want to create a spark. While Imli's story may be clichéd, Vishnu's and Rohit's stories are what drives the film and gives it its quality. Driven by some good music and unpolished linear narration, they induce empathy. The sequences will generate emotive reactions in you as you will engross yourself in finding out what happens to these characters who are so loyal and hardworking and hopeful to their cause, that eventually even you may chip in your hope for them.

    The whole cast do a very good job. But, I have to strain on the three central actors, who put in their 100 percent. It is not easy to portray characters that have possible real-life semblances, and Sen, Vidyarthi, and Diwan do it perfectly. Director K D Satyam has used familiar stories and created a film full of life, that is fairly entertaining.

    Not to forget, the film does have its dull moments, but that should now come in between your enjoyment.

    BOTTOM LINE: K D Satyam's "Bollywood Diaries" triumphs at telling stories so close to Bollywood, that it is both ironic and heartbreaking. Take a bow, guys! Buy DVD or stream it online now!

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    September 15, 16